How to Handle Bad Neighbors?

Even the fairly-priced and the most beautiful houses for rent Fontana, which is handled by the best property managers could be difficult to sell once the neighbors seem rude and unlikeable. Though landlords have some level of power over the behavior of their own tenants, you can only do little if you want to control your property neighbor’s actions. If you’re currently experiencing this right now, here are some of the usual bad behaviors done by your neighbors and some solution to cope with them.

Cluttered property

Overgrown landscapes, broken down cars, cluttered yards, and piles of trash are some of the obvious eyesores that could be warning signs that you have a bad neighbor. A rundown home or a cluttered yard could devalue the entire property within the neighborhood. Even though your house is properly maintained and updated, you can encounter a problem in terms of looking for tenants that can stand living in such an untidy neighborhood.


Once a house close to your rental property appears to have the capability to deter possible tenants because of its unpleasant curb appeal, it would be best to guarantee that it cannot be seen from your property by installing the right amount of fence that can provide you privacy and away from stress.

Bad pets

An aggressive dog, which always barks, can deter tenants away and it can offer the neighbors a poor reputation. Once animals poorly behave, they can be included in this part as well. Such bad behaviors include destroying any property, menacing to your tenants, or once the owners forget to get their pets up. This could be a stressful situation for landlords who can possibly deter qualified tenants who don’t want to deal with this kind of condition.


Look for animal behavior ordinance in your area that has particular rules regarding hazardous behavior and barking dogs. Inform your tenants about who they can reach to report any problems to local authorities. One of the best means to attract tenants that might be undecided living close to a neighborhood with a bothersome pet is to think about allowing pets at your rental property.

Too much noise

Whether it is working with power tools the entire day, a late-night party or a fighting couple, too much noise from your neighborhood could cause even your most reasonable tenant to go crazy. It could be difficult for landlords to determine noisy landlords because the majority of complaints happen late at night, which might lead to a couple of maddening calls from your boarders.


For noisy neighbors, the greatest solution would be to learn and research about the ordinances that cover local noise, which can set a restriction on hours where noises more than particular decibels are permitted. Once there’s someone who will be reported for a noise violation, it could lead to tickets or fines for the offender. Once you’ve got any problem with loud neighbors, politely educate them that your boarders are urged to report a violation of the community restriction about noises. Inform your tenants that they have to report and call the police once their neighbors start to produce too much noise especially during late hours.